What do teens want?

Artículo sugerido para el tema de “lectura”. Se sugiere que los instructores lo lean al igual que los alumnos para integrar una dinámica. El artículo puede ser consultado por cualquier miembro de la UDLAP aquí.

Fitzgerald, C. (2009). WHAT DO TEENS WANT? (Cover story). Publishers Weekly, 256(43), 22-26. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.

“This article looks at the results of a survey conducted by Teenreads.com on teen readership from July 2 and August 31, 2009. According to the survey, 41% of respondents read over 20 books during the summer, while 26% read 11-20 books during this period. The survey found that the top five genres for those who read graphic novels or manga are romance, humor, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy and action/superhero. It also found that majority of respondents prefer paperback over other formats such as hardcovers, audiobooks and e-books”.

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