The information source evaluation matrix.

El “estado del arte” para la evaluación de recursos de información.

“The article offers information related to Information Source Evaluation Matrix, a framework developed through the cooperation of senior assistant librarian in library services Kaye Towlson, principal lecturer Mike Leigh, and senior lecturer Lucy Mathers. It mentions that multimedia animation production, object-oriented system analysis design as well as systems analysis and design was embedded in an action research to develop the matrix. It states that the matrix allows user to allocate score as indicator of value item and to study each criterion for allocating individual mark and generating overall mark. It further discloses that the matrix helps students in establishing relevant information for a task, in comparing materials for inclusion, and in deciding the order of its usage”. Se consulta dentro del campus en este link.

Towison, K., Leigh, M., & Mathers, L. (2009). The Information Source Evaluation Matrix: a quick, easy and transferable content evaluation tool. SCONUL Focus, (47), 15. Retrieved from TOC Plus database.


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