What it means to ban wikipedia.

Sugerido para usarse en la sesión de “evaluación de recursos de información”.
Resumen de la publicación.
“This essay argues in favor of college instructors, especially in introductory classes, giving students the freedom to use Wikipedia entries in their research projects. It explores the pedagogy created by rigid prohibitions of potential sources, and argues that at stake are two chief dichotomies: one, students learning by engaging in a process vs. students producing a product, and two, students thinking individually and evaluating vs. students following rules. Within the discussion of these dichotomies is a call for instructors to emphasize evaluation of the content of research material rather than an author’s credentials or other external markers.” Se consulta dentro del campus aquí.

Maehre, J. (2009). What It Means to Ban Wikipedia. College Teaching, 57(4), 229. Retrieved from MasterFILE Premier database.


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