Express makeover.

En este artículo se mencionan los servicios principales que el nuevo modelo de biblioteca debe poseer: auto-préstamo, acceso inalámbrico, personal atendiendo en los diferentes niveles a los usuarios y kioskos de información en lugar de módulos de referencia. Todo ello de bajo costo(porque ya se posee en algunos casos) y altamente vistoso.

<The article looks at the architectural design and interior decoration of a public library in Queens, New York. We took the opportunity to match cutting-edge library service with cutting-edge design. We just needed a forward-thinking library; generous, risk-taking vendors willing to donate the furnishings and services; and an aggressive timetable. This idea did result in the opening of our "makeover library," the Court Square branch of the Queens Borough Public Library, New York. Known for understanding the needs of its customers, the library was just beginning the rollout of a new customer service model that included self-check, wireless access, staff on the floor assisting customers, information kiosks instead of reference desks, and increased technology. Today, the library had become what we called an “express branch.” To support the library’s service vision and create an express service branch, we reorganized the layout and used every inch of space to maximal effect.>

Martin, E., & Kenney, B. (2005). Express Makeover. (Cover story). Library Journal, 1301-18. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.


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